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Privacy Policy for Osphere Global Solutions

Last Updated: November 6, 2023

A. Introduction

This document outlines the privacy practices of Osphere Global Solutions, focusing on our commitment to protecting user privacy, adhering to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore, and ensuring transparent data handling.

B. Data Collection and Usage

  1. User Information:
    • Registration: We collect names, email addresses, and telephone numbers (if used for signing up).
    • Profile: Users may optionally provide personal or business profiles, including names and photos.
    • Payment: Credit card details are processed via a third party and are not stored on our servers.
  2. Service Provider (Fulfiller) Specific Information:
    • Application Data: Additional details such as date of birth, address, Social Security Number, and licensing information are required for background checks.
    • Payment Data: We collect banking and tax information for processing Fulfiller payments.
  3. During Service Use:
    • We track location when the app is active to connect users with nearby service providers. We also collect device data, usage insights, and communication logs to enhance our services.

C. User and Service Provider Interaction

  • Users and service providers see each other’s names, photos, and ratings. Location details are shared for service coordination. Direct contact details are only shared with consent in specific situations such as lost/found items.

D. Information Sharing

  1. With Third Parties:
    • Service usage data is shared with third-party integrations and necessary details for task completion with third-party services.
    • For enterprise programme participants, service usage details are shared with their organisations.
  2. International Partnerships:
    • We share user and service provider information with international partners for global service continuity. Telephone numbers may be visible in international interactions.
  3. Data Protection:
    • Our website is regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities, and personal information is secured behind networks with limited access and encrypted via SSL technology.

E. PDPA Compliance and User Rights

  1. Compliance:
    • Our practices align with Singapore’s PDPA, ensuring the protection and privacy of personal data. We ensure transparency in our data collection and usage. For a detailed understanding and specific clauses of the PDPA, users can visit the official PDPA Singapore website: Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore.
  2. User Rights:
    • Users have the right to access, correct, and delete their personal data. Requests can be made via our website www.ospheregs.com.
    • We do not discriminate against users exercising their PDPA rights.
  3. Children’s Online Privacy:
    • Consistent with PDPA, we do not knowingly collect or market to children under the age of 13.
  4. Data Breach Notification:
    • In the event of a data breach, we will promptly notify affected users and take necessary remedial actions.

F. B2B Privacy Policy

This B2B Privacy Policy is designed to transparently inform you of our practices regarding the collection, use, communication, disclosure, and protection of your company’s data.

  1. Compliance with DNC Registry:

    In strict adherence to the Personal Data Protection (Do Not Call Registry) Regulations 2013, we ensure that no unsolicited marketing communications are dispatched to numbers listed on the DNC Registry.

  2. Data Collection and Purpose

    We collate business contact details and other pertinent data to facilitate our services. This data is utilised solely for the following purposes:

    • Provision and enhancement of our virtual assistant services.
    • Processing transactions and sustaining commercial relationships.
    • Conveying updates, offers, and promotional information, subject to consent.
  3. Consent

    We secure explicit consent from our clients before collecting any data, guaranteeing they are apprised of the reasons for its collection.

  4. Disclosure to Third Parties

    We do not divulge personal information to third parties unless mandated by law or if such parties are integral to the provision of our services. All third parties are rigorously assessed to ensure compliance with data protection statutes.

  5. Data Security

    We implement industry-standard security protocols to guard against unauthorised access or data breaches. Our dedication to data security is steadfast, and we continually refine our practices to safeguard your information.

  6. Access and Correction Rights

    Clients are entitled to access and rectify their data. Requests for access or rectification can be submitted through our designated contact points.

  7. Withdrawal of Consent

    Clients may retract consent for the usage of their data at any time. We will act upon any such retraction promptly and cease any further utilisation of the data.

  8. Data Retention

    We retain personal data solely for the duration necessary to fulfil the stated purposes, unless a longer retention period is necessitated or sanctioned by law.

G. Contact Information

For any enquiries or concerns regarding our privacy practices or your personal data, please contact us at our designated contact point available on our website (www.ospheregs.com).

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